There are some cases under the European legislation in which a company is obliged to receive a VAT identification number. For example, the VAT identification number is required if a company trades with European companies and among European companies and if a turnover is higher than a minimum set by law. At the same time, it is possible to get a VAT identification number on a voluntary basis as it allows for certain benefits. For example, in some cases, paying VAT on the sale of goods within the EU can be avoided.

Our services

VAT accounting

Within this service, our experts analyze VAT objects, settlement methods, the possibility of VAT exemption, and the tax rate. We also calculate VAT. Upon request, we can prepare and submit declarations.

VAT Refunds

We analyze regulatory documents and advise on the possibility of VAT refunds from the budget. If the company has the right to refund VAT from the budget, our experts carry out full work on VAT refunding, including the preparation and submission of all the necessary documents to the tax authorities. Our experience in VAT refunds is vast and spans various jurisdictions.

VAT Responses to Requests from Tax Authorities

From time to time our clients are required to provide responses to tax authorities' requests in relation to VAT. Some common requests entail VAT payments, VAT refunds from the budget, receipt of VAT numbers in the EU, and so forth. Our job is to promptly prepare arguments and submit responses to such requests.

Getting VAT Identification Number in European Union

We assist clients in getting the European VAT identification number in the shortest possible time. We aim to support clients during each stage.

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Our advantages

European VAT is one of our major expertise. In addition to working with direct and indirect taxes, our team has gained both practical experience and professional knowledge regarding the European VAT. We are therefore always ready to advise clients on the tax optimization of foreign companies.