Accounting Services of international companies or a group of companies incorporated in several jurisdictions requires a comprehensive and diligent approach. Due to this demand, it is worthwhile to trust professionals who will be able to offer accounting services with regard to cross-border activity. In addition, the accounting of foreign companies should be comprehensive and conducted centrally in order to plan and optimize the taxes of all companies in the group.

Our services

Audit of accounting and financial reporting

This service helps to comprehensively assess the correctness of accounting and financial reporting, to analyze risks and deficiencies. Upon the completion of an audit, our experts make conclusions and give recommendations on accounting. We prepare financial statements and seek to eliminate identified errors.

Reconstruction of Financial Account

The reconstruction of a financial account may be required if, for any reason, accounting was not carried out. It is also useful in the event of errors or the loss of primary documents. Reconstruction of financial accounts consists of several stages: full analysis and audit of documentation; assessment of accounting and tax accounting; determination of the scope of work and preparation of a plan; actual reconstruction of financial accounts (including all primary documents such as contracts, accounts, receipts, certificates); preparation and submission of accounting reports and declarations to tax authorities; payment of taxes and fines; and further recommendations.


Up-to-date accounting and tax report; payroll solutions; calculation of taxes and fees; preparation and submission of financial statements and tax declarations to tax authorities and funds; advising on accounting and tax law.

Financial Ledger Preparation and Maintenance

This service includes the development of a form, list and other types of financial ledger as well as the registration and systematization of information contained in the primary documents adopted for accounting. Our experts keep the accounting registers in electronic format and sign documents using an electronic signature.

Preparation and Submission of Financial statements

Our experts will analyze the financial documents of the client’s company as well as the financial performance and cash flow at the reporting date in order to prepare financial statements. We will submit the financial statements to the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable law.

Computerization of Accounting records

This service is designed for electronic accounting processing for the purpose of the automation of accounting work. Thanks to electronic documentation, the term for the preparation of financial statements is significantly shortened. It takes less time to solve common accounting tasks.

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