Remote Accountancy is a convenient and secure tool that allows authorized users to access and work with accounting software.


The main advantage of Remote Accountancy is that all programs are stored on a remote and secured cloud server rather than on a local computer or data storage device. This eliminates any risks of data loss in case of breakdown, loss, or the hacking of your personal computer, or even accidental deletion of files. It is much harder for third parties to get access to a virtual server as Remote Accountancy can only be accessed with a one-time password authentication using RSA SecurID. All information is protected by a multi-level security system and any work with mail and browser is anonymous.


With Remote Accountancy you get ready-made workstations for your accountants. You organize the company’s work remotely, providing access to programs and files for collaboration and editing, establishing joint work of several offices, or when adding new employees. All you require is access to the internet. Files in the cloud service are updated online and all updates are all automated.

Easy to Use

Remote Accountancy has similar tools as a computer with installed accounting software (Navision, QuickBooks etc.). You can use several devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone), each having a full set of working tools and files. We will help you to install any 1C application of interest, for example, accounting, business management, trade, construction companies, etc.

Technical Support

Our experts will provide technical support at all stages of service integration, from installation and setup through support in exploitation. We will ensure the stable operation of the service and take care of any technical issues so that you can focus on business management.

We will provide you with:

  • Creation of working places for accountant or accounting department;
  • Relocation of a current data base;
  • Creation of a new data base;
  • Easy access to the program;
  • License for working with the program;
  • Regular backups.