Bilanz Partners AG has been providing a full range of accounting, legal, and tax services for foreign and international companies since 2014.

The company’s office is in Switzerland which is currently one of the most stable, reliable and favorable country in terms of business.

Bilanz Partners AG is proud to have a successful team of professionals from several specializations. Our accountants, auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, and financiers are licensed to practice in European and other countries. Our services include all matters related to accounting services, audit, tax planning, and legal services. With a team of only the best professionals by their side, our clients can focus on managing their business without worrying about current accounting tasks.





As part of our commitment to our clients’ business, we stay up-to-date with constant technological developments. For clients’ security, we introduce new tools to our traditional services which protect confidential, personal, and sensitive commercial information. Taking into account the present-day lifestyle, we have developed tools that enable our clients to enjoy the opportunity to manage their business online from anywhere in the world.

Our Advantages

Bilanz Partners AG has gained vast experience in working with international companies, which makes us different from local accounting companies that offer such services as additional services. Our office is located in Switzerland which guarantees the confidence of our clients. Our team is fluent in English, German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Russian, and other languages. Among the clients of Bilanz Partners AG are individuals, trusts, funds, and international companies.