Financial audit includes a full audit of the financial performance of the company, assessment of accounting and tax management, risk analysis, and prospects of the company’s development. Our experts are ready to provide relevant advice. Financial audit is usually conducted to receive an independent financial analysis and forecast of the economic development of a company. A voluntary financial audit is usually initiated by the company’s owners or directors in order to check the work of the financial director, chief accountant, or the executive director. A financial audit is carried out before the execution of important transactions in order to assess solvency, profitability, capital, and the company’s turnover. In certain cases, an audit is mandatory in accordance with applicable laws of certain countries.

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Tax Advisory

We advise in all areas of taxes for legal entities, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Our clients get tailor-made tax advice in several jurisdictions.

Tax Planning

Tax planning includes current and strategic review and forecast of tax liabilities, review of current tax policy effectiveness, analysis of tax problems, and the development and implementation of tax schemes. During tax planning, our experts review the tax incentives application in accordance with double taxation treaties, the optimization of transaction price, the application of separate elements of taxation, etc.

Preparation of Tax Declarations

Our experts prepare tax declarations in various jurisdictions. For this purpose, they examine income and expenses, tax exemption, and estimated tax amount for the reporting period. Upon the preparation of a tax declaration for each tax, our experts submit the declaration to tax authorities. If necessary, we also make changes and clarifications to the declaration.

Advanced Financial Analysis of Cross-Border Transactions

With the advanced financial analysis of cross-border transactions, our experts examine risks and make conclusions on the influence of possible risks on the financial performance of a transaction. In addition, we define the methods and means for liquidation and aim to reduce tax risks or their consequences.

Tax Audit

As part of tax audit, our experts review corporate accounting and tax reports in order to verify their reliability and compliance with the requirements of the law. An audit includes the examination of corporate accounts and financial information to ensure that information is being reported correctly. This is to verify whether the amount of tax reported is accurate. If any errors are detected, we prepare a report identifying all errors and discrepancies. The audit allows one to timely identify risks in order to avoid any negative consequences.

Preparing Requests for Tax Decisions

Our experts have extensive experience in preparing requests for the decisions of tax authorities, including requests for the cancellation of decisions. We have successfully challenged such decisions thanks to our accurate and professional preparation of arguments and documents that lead to favorable results.

Getting an EORI

An EORI number is mandatory for any business engaged in the import and export of goods, carriage transit, and other custom procedures in the European Union. Our experts assist with getting EORI number, prepare and submit a full set of documents to relevant customs authorities in the EU. We help our client to get EORI number within the shortest possible time (within a few business days subject to the readiness of all necessary documents).

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Our advantages

Bilanz Partners provides the financial audit of companies incorporated in several jurisdictions. Working since 2014, our experts have gained unique experience with projects of various complexities. Within the financial audit, our experts examine the accounting and financial statements of companies and make conclusions on whether the companies comply with legislation and standards in each jurisdiction separately. We also give recommendations on the effective management of financial resources. Once you contact us directly, we will decide who amongst the professionals is most qualified in each jurisdiction in order to audit and give effective advice that takes into account cross-border activity.