Bilanz Partners developed professional tools for business management. Our tools are made for the remote management of a business. This is a convenient and secure instrument that allows the set up of internal communications, accessing corporate accounts through a user-friendly interface, as well as to keep accounting and manage documentation. Along with our technical solutions, our experts offer services that replace the whole office.


Owners or executives may set up access rights to the remote platform and decide who will have access to the platform with him/her. Due to the settings, it is possible to give or limit access to online accounting, bank accounts, and other sections of interest. This is a handy office instrument for accessing your documentation online (e.g. accounts, acts, inbox and outbox documents, scans). Additionally, you may sign reports, statements, and other documents through our platform.

We offer the following services

  • Remote desktop in Switzerland.
  • Help with 1С integration for your business and other accounting programs.
  • Professional team consisting of a chief accountant, tax consultant, auditor, and personal assistant.
  • Professional team of IT specialists.
  • Compliance with the anti-money laundering legislation.

To order


Advantages of working with us

  • Automated documentation
  • Full confidentiality of your data
  • Compliance with applicable law
  • Reduction of accounting and administrative expenses
  • Tax optimization
  • Assistance with business improvement according to up-to-date standards
  • Technical support in English

What you get with our services

  • Accurate accounting and financial statements submitted to regulatory authorities on the due date.
  • Forecasts for future tax burden.
  • Confidentiality of companies’ executives and owners personal data.
  • Change of the jurisdictions in case of legislative amendments.
  • Annual budget and tax burden optimization of the company.