Each year, governments take stronger measures to prevent money laundering and combat terrorist financing. Regulators all over the world set different requirements that are imposed on individuals and legal entities in order to fight corruption and illegal transactions. As a result, different countries may have significantly different regulations.

Bilanz Partners experts provide consulting services and assists clients with the preparation of internal documentation and procedures to comply with the anti-money laundering (AML) legislation. The company’s experience includes various jurisdictions, so we help clients manage international business. If necessary, our experts will advise you on the risks of making transactions with certain entities, conduct internal and external examinations, and train your personnel with AML requirements.

Many banks conduct a verification of their customers and potential customers for the purposes of opening a bank account and separate operations as part of measures to prevent transactions with illegal funds. In addition, banks conduct activities that are more commonly known as “Know Your Customer”. As part of such activities, banks request identification documents and may require confirmation as to the origin of the funds.

Our experts provide support with verification, translate and certify documents with a notary. We assist our clients at all stages, from beginning to end.